Hi there! Welcome to my weddings page. I've been shooting weddings professionally since 2008!

My main focus when shooting weddings is to keep them as natural as possible. It's really important to me that I'm able to capture a side of you that is real and not overly-produced. I use a minimal amount of staged shots and mostly rely on you, as you are, to inspire the videos! It's less work for you on the day-0f and it makes the videos so much better! 

I like to believe my videos show who the couples really are, and who their friends and families are. I like to show moments that reveal all of your relationships too. To me, that's the gold and what will keep your videos from feeling outdated when you watch them again year after year. 

I hope I can be the right videographer for you!


My rates cover a pretty broad range from $700-2500 depending on your budget.

Andrew Giordano