Hi, my name is Andrew Giordano and A.G. Shoots is my small business. I've been shooting digital film professionally since 2010. I have over 100 shoots under my belt including short films, promotional content, web series, weddings and other creative work. As a photographer I've shot events, promo shoots, product, travel, portraiture, landscape and street photography.


I also have a background in acting. This has given me a unique perspective when working behind the camera and directing talent. Whether it's someone's first time in front of a camera, or if they're an experienced actor, I know which notes are confusing and which ones are actually helpful and easy to understand. 


I very much have enjoyed everything I've done, everything I'm doing and excited to see what's up ahead. I hope I can be of use to you. In the meantime, my work will be updated here.

Now here's a picture of me and Dubs (Dublin).



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