Single Camera, Audio, Lighting and Crew Package

Half Day - $975 Full Day - $1575

This is the perfect package for short films, music videos, and premium B-roll footage.

Multi Camera, Audio, Lighting and Crew Package

Half Day - $1275 Full Day - $1925

Using 2-3 UHD 4K cameras, this package is highly recommended for interviews, promo content, commercials, live events, and beautifully shot B-roll footage.

"Backpack" Kit


For the smallest of budgets, I'm able to bring a very small kit for a one-person crew. Definitely recommend for clients just starting out and needing something to get going.

Drone Work

$200 as add-on / $500 Half Day

I'm a licensed and insured drone pilot. It's $200 if added to an existing package, and $500 if all you need is drone work and nothing else.


Video editing rates can range anywhere from $300 - $1,000+. Video Editing rates are determined by:​

  1. Amount of footage to review.

  2. Number of video edits desired.

  3. Length(s) of video edit(s) desired.

  4. Titles, text and motion graphics needed.

  5. Additional Special FX.

  6. Due Date

* Please inquire with as much information on your video editing needs as possible.​

As always, please feel free to email me if you have any questions.

Andrew Giordano