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Listed below are links to completed projects I’ve been a part of with a short description.


1. Los Angeles International Airport - Shooting for LAX and 4SiteVideo, I was the cinematographer for the commercials for LAX’s new addition to the international terminal, “The West Gates”. Here is the :30 spot .


2. Sports Documentary - I was one of the camera operators for this documentary on Maxine McCormick, whom at age 12 became the youngest person ever to win a World Fly-casting Championship.

3. Tom Hanks Interview - Shooting for a documentary on famous Jazz player, Benny Golson, Tom Hanks didn’t mind us coming down to his production offices to talk about the musician. And yes.. Tom was very cool.

4. Cal Trout - This was a huge project. I worked with the environmentalist nonprofit organization to create these videos to help them gain funding for a large-scale project that would protect the public from flooding as well as improve the quality of the river habitat for multiple species of wildlife. So far, Cal Trout has secured nearly $18M for the project. The video and drone work I performed can be seen here .

5. Rob Lowe and Profile (Commercial) - I was the lead cinematographer on Rob's skincare line commercial, Profile for Men.

6. Bolimini International videos - Ryan is a lawyer in the south bay who works with business owners. The videos we shot introduce who he is, and how past clients have greatly benefited from his work and dedication to this Southern California community. 

7. Love Token (E-Commerce) - I do all the photography for Love Token clothing company for their website and line sheets. This helps them sell their merchandise directly, as well as to other stores throughout the world. Sample gallery here .

8. Borowitz & Clark - Barry and Erik are two lawyers who specialize in helping folks dealing with bankruptcy.  We’ve shot several videos for their website to inform and get the word out that they can help. Some short videos are here.

a. Video 1

b. Video 2

c. Video 3

d. Video 4

9. Charlotte Martin - Charlotte is an extremely talented singer and now vocal coach. I’ve shot videos for her website so she can introduce herself to future students and also show how an actual voice lesson would go when choosing her as your coach. In the video below, you can see the transformation that I do with color corrections and the difference between amateur audio vs. professional audio recording that we provide:

a. Charlotte Martin - Sample Video

10. With Trigo Networks - I shot for EYM; a nonprofit organization that provides supplemental education and counseling services for over-stressed public schools. This commercial was shot to advocate for sustaining their funding.


11. Futures Without Violence - I was the Lead Cinematographer shooting under Stream It Right production company. One of the edits from this particular production can be seen here: Sacramento Interview .

12. WRD and 4SiteVideo - I was the Lead Cinematographer on these videos for 4SiteVideo and the Water Replenishment District.  These videos were made to attract students to consider a career in their department.

a. Stephanie Cuevas

b. Moises Santillan

c. Josi Jenneskens

d. Jason Kung

13. WRD and 4SiteVideo - Again, the Lead DP for these Drought Tip videos to help conserve water brought to you by WRD:

a. Ben Allen

b. Cynthia McClain-Hill

c. Linda Sanchez (English)

d. Linda Sanchez (Spanish)

e. Vera Robles Dewitt

f. John Allen

14. Youtube Product Presentation - Weston is a comic book restoration expert who wants to show his customers what goes into his process to increase the value for your damaged, but potentially valuable comics!

15. Safe Place for Youth - Shot these videos under StreamItRight, for the nonprofit organization, Safe Place for Youth. These videos were to introduce who they are and the importance of what they do so that they may continue to receive funding to help the at-risk youth in this community.

16. Parker University (Texas) - Working with Parker U, we put together virtual seminars so that speakers and guests don’t have to travel to Las Vegas where they typically hold their in-person seminars. A quick snippet of an interview-style seminar with neuroscientist, Dr Ramachandran, can be seen here.

17. Astro Reality - Working with Fellow LA studio on this educational device using augmented reality to help students learn about our planet. 

18. Access Pacific - AP was struggling with new staff members on their construction crews. They figured if they just had photos that could capture their values in a way no words can, that it could help with new crew members. They saw the photos of my father and hired me to take similar photos of their team. Sometimes, a picture really is worth a thousand words.

19. “Andover” (film) music video - I shot the promo music video for the feature film, “Andover”, written and directed by Scott Perlman.

20. Actor Demo Reel (Directing) - These dedicated actors really wanted their reels to pop so they hired a cinematographer, as well as myself as director, for their scenes. Really happy with how these turned out.

22. Public Speaking Workshop - Tristan and Mike wanted me to film them in action to promote their services to help people with self-confidence through public speaking; the #1 fear of most people. Their website can be found here.

23. Leadership Consultant - Mahyar teaches CEO’s how to lead with military confidence. This is a workshop video showcasing how he works to show how he can help.

24. Holistic Life Coach - Harry helps his clients with health and wellness through diet and meditation. He wanted to show a preview of one of his workshops to give people an idea of how he may be able to help you.

25. Segway Product Presenter - Lee Jackson presents the Segway Mini Pro features, how it works, and even how, on a personal level,  the Segway has positively affected his life. With this video, Lee hopes to become a Segway ambassador.

26. Modern Chopsticks - Val needed a simple product video to demonstrate and promote his product.

27. “For the Love of a Glove” - Shot interviews with the cast to promote this hilarious puppet show. 

28. Black Angel - I shoot the music videos for Black Angel music!

a. “Look me in the Eye” (music video)

b. “Animal” (music video)

c. “Poison” (music video)

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