Testing Grounds

Test Boltzens to re-create moonlight through a window.

shoot with and without grid.

Show light meter usage and understanding by adjust light, power, softbox and how that affects the camera.

Pick one day a week for testing and uploading test footage/shots.

Have Hugo's peeps come in before an audition to do a quick photo shoot.

Offer audition space for Hugo's peeps.

Consider headshots for specific roles. 30 minute shoot, 30 minute edit. $25-50

Fake a restaurant shot for an audition.

Fake different outdoor locations: fall, dawn, snow, sunset, desert, forest, outdoor city restaurant, city street,

car day, car night.

Learn new cinematic and photographic lighting techniques via YT.

Mimic shots from specific movies, Pick current movies and then some throwbacks. 

- Definitely, Maybe

Learn to use different IS modes in camera. Vertical shake, etc.

Tell Rocky to record in long clips, and not to cut. This may not be his fault as the G7 4K could be making cuts automatically.

Post Abby vid.