Get a stand for the wedding dress.

Bring own lights to "Getting Ready" Rooms. 

35-100 kinda crappy for detail shots. I miss my voigtlander... You can use the Canon FD 24mm f/1.4L at least.

Rocky did a good job with the stills establishing shots on Joe and Lisa.

Tell him.

Rocky: Try to stabilize the camera faster. Too much microadjusting, when, from looking at the footage, didn't need it. Also, we're shooting 4k, so don't try to crop the officiator out of the shot if you have a clean shot of the groom and him at the same time. Still, get one good shot of the groomsmen, then you can just keep it locked on the groom, the officiator and the hands for the ring exchange.

2nd Cam needs to cover speaker until camera 1 is ready.

2nd cam needs to know how to cover opposite camera 1. Putting subjects on the correct side of the frame and getting away from a profile shot as much as possible. 

We need a shoulder mount 85mm equiv. moving around them during the first dance. Either the 85/1.2 on shoulder or the Oly 45mm on a gimbal with AF. Then maybe a 24-28mm equiv. following that gimbal on another gimbal. Need lights too and ask house to dim their prior to wedding day. Need to contact DJ and ask about lighting during ceremony and reception, dancing, speeches, etc. And ask if you we can plug into their audio prior to wedding day. 

Wedding Notes