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   Hi, my name is Andrew Giordano and A.G. Shoots is my small business.

   My job, every day, is to figure out what is best for the project I'm working on. The best way to do that is to ask a very simple question: Why are we doing this? If the initial answer is "We want to have some good looking videos and pictures", that isn't good enough. There's a million ways to make anything look good. If I don't understand the "why" aspect, then you can make a project look good, and it still be done incorrectly. I want to know the bigger picture goals of the project. Are we trying to promote your career? Are we trying to gain funding? Are we trying to sell more of this product?

What are we shooting?

Why are we shooting this? To promote your career? To gain funding? To sell a product?

What is at stake? What do we stand to lose, if we this is executed incorrectly? Do we lose money, do we lose time, do we lose energy? 

How are we going to do this? 

What makes this project special/unique?

What are our resources? Who else is working on this project? How much time is being put into making this happen? What is the budget?

How are going to do this? Where are we shooting? What is the schedule?

What is the deadline? When do we want things to be completed by?

Given the goals the budget, and the timeframe, and additional resources, how are we going to accomplish 

Given the budget, timeframe, and resources, how are we going to accomplish the ultimate goal?

Are we trying to promote someone's career, are we trying to showcase a product, are we trying to gain additional funding for a nonprofit, are we trying to get this film into festivals, 

   I've been a video and photo producer for 10+ years. In that time, I have gained experience as a director, producer, cinematographer, photographer, drone pilot, sound operator, lighting technician and editor. I try to be very responsible with my word so when I say I can do all of those things and do them well, I mean it. I've shot so many different kinds of projects and worked with all kinds 

What I'm probably most proud about of myself and my work is the range of hats I've been asked to wear, 

roll with the punches attitude, someone who you trust to make the best decisions possible under the most trying of shooting circumstances. You're looking for talent, sure, you're looking for experience, you're looking for knowledge, you're looking for someone who is good to work with, someone who is professional, who is pleasant, who knows when to lighten a tense situation and someone who can command a set if the circumstance calls for it. All of that leads to one thing: A person's ability to make decisions. You're looking for someone who's decision-making abilities you trust. The circumstances we shoot in are seldom 100% ideal, or 100% predictable. More often than not, we're presented with a set of options and choices. And more often than not, we don't have the time to shoot all of these options and decide later. So when we have a shot list of 20 shots, but we only have time to shoot 10, which 10 do we pick? Which 10 are the smartest, tells the story best, most important, most effective? And which 10 can we live without? You're looking for someone who you trust to make those decisions to lead the project to its most optimal state of success.

How do I encourgae my crew to want work for me? To be inspired to take iniative and watch my back? How do I work

While there are countless talented and skilled directors, producers, cinematographers, photographers, editors, sound operators, lighting techs, and drone pilots, I believe there is a very short list of those who can do it all and do it well, I might add.


I like to believe I'm on that list. I've taken on so many different roles and worn so many hats and I've taken the job very seriously every time. Sometimes the budget is large, sometimes it's small, sometimes I have a whole crew at my disposal, other times I'm all by myself. Sometimes we have hours to set up, other times we have only seconds. I've shot so many different types of projects, worked with so many people, and have been called upon to wear multiple hats simultaneously throughout. Whether that's directing on-camera talent, editing the script, hiding a lav mic, or adjusting a light, there's very little I can't do.

   While I don't think I'm the best in the world, and there's always so much more to learn, I feel more than confident that if you're looking for someone that's 

Lastly, this was not written with Chat GPT. 

   If I may, I'll break down my background into 3 parts:

1. The roles I have experience in.

2. The types of projects I've worked on.

3. The kinds of people I've worked. 


  1. ​Director (Probably the sharpest tool in my toolbox)

  2. Producer (Helping clients put it all together and see it through to completion)

  3. Cinematographer (The position I have the most experience/skill in)

  4. Photographer (Been shooting since a high school freshman, in old school dark rooms no less)

  5. Drone Pilot (I'm a fully licensed drone pilot. I fly manually too; no flight path presets here)

  6. Video and Photo Editor (I'm a surgical editor)

  7. Sound Mixer (I've boomed and hidden lavs on several projects)

  8. Gaffer (I'm often my own gaffer but have been the lighting tech on several jobs too)

   Projects Worked On:

  1. Commercials (LAX, Custom Comfort Mattress, Home Goods, Men and Women's Beauty Products)

  2. Social media promo material (Instagram, Tiktok, Youtube, Facebook)

  3. Interviews (1-person, 2-person, Group Discussion panels)

  4. Narrative Work (Short films, Features)

  5. Demo Reel Scenes for Actors

  6. Live Performances (Musicians, Dancers, etc.)

  7. Live Events (Speaking Engagements, Workshops)

  8. Music Videos

  9. Documentaries

  10. Life Events (Weddings, Proposals, Birthdays, Funerals)

  11. Fundraisers (Cal Trout, Soiled Doves)

  12. E-Commerce (Clothing and Fashion)

  13. International Street Photography (Philippines, Europe)

  14. Editorial/Portraiture

  15. 35mm Film

   People I've worked with:

  1. Production Companies (Stream It Right, 4Site, VIP)

  2. NGO's and Non-Profit Organizations (Cal Trout, Futures Without Violence, LADWP, WRD)

  3. Politicians (Traci Park, Ben Allen, CAUSE)

  4. Lawyers, Doctors, Scientists, Educators

  5. Actors, Directors, Musicians, Dancers, Singers

  6. Youtubers/Influencers

  7. Vulnerable Population (Unhoused, abuse victims)

  8. Celebrities (Tom Hanks, Rob Lowe)

  9. Newcomers (on-camera talent as well as first time producers)

  10. Models (beginners and veterans)

  11. Kids

  12. Couples

  13. Entrepreneurs

   I've been shooting digital film professionally since 2010. I've over 200 shoots under my belt including social media content, weddings, promo content, live events, and other creative work.

  I've worked with small business owners, nonprofits, entrepreneurs, couples, musical artists, athletes, scientists, doctors, lawyers, and even a couple of celebs! I am completely dedicated to every job that I'm hired for as I take seriously the responsibility and trust given to me by my clients.

   I truly enjoy it all and hope to continue  being a creative professional through multiple fields.​ I hope I can be of use to you. In the meantime, my own creative work will be updated here.

Andrew Giordano

Now here's a picture of me and Dubs (Dublin).

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