I just wanted to give a quick nod to some creative friends of mine. Perhaps they could be of some use to you as well:

1. Christopher Duong. My right hand man for just about all things camera related. He's an excellent companion shooter and a solid video editor as well. commonsimplefilms@gmail.com

Team Rad Productions. Actors, writers and producers. They're an inspiring group of do-it-alls. Hope to work with them more!

Jeremy Keith. My photography big brother. We have a joint wedding site together too and offer discounts if you book us both.

Gabriel Grier. I should probably list the things this guy does not do because that list would be shorter. 

nicholas acosta

samantha cutaran

sara tomko

hayley wilson

(kaitlyn beth)

nadia marina

allison eversoll

justin vasquez

jason deschert